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Cat Ladies Cat Sitting Co-Owners, Coco and Heidi


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About Cat Ladies Cat Sitting Co-Owners Coco & Heidi:

Our friends and family call us "the cat ladies" because of how much we love cats. Cat sitting is the PURRFECT profession for cat enthusiasts like ourselves! Our natural affinity for cats blended with a high-level of professionalism and customer service makes us the perfect cat sitting business owners. If you are looking for reliable, trustworthy cat lovers to care for your cats while you are away then look no further. Cat Ladies Cat Sitting is here to provide the best professional cat sitting services for you & your cat(s)! 



Coco - Co-Owner of Cat Ladies Cat Sitting


 A native of "Mordor" (AKA Texas), Coco first moved to Seattle in the early 2000's. A nerd at heart, she loves all things sci-fi including Star Trek (Original Series & TNG), Star Wars, Firefly, and X-Files. A lifelong animal lover, she became obsessed with cats after adopting her first cat, "Kitty", from a San Diego animal shelter. Coco's hobbies include playing clarinet and percussion, tennis, golfing, reading comics, dragon boating, and cooking. 

Heidi - Co-Owner of Cat Ladies Cat Sitting


 Heidi is a Seattle native and a lifelong cat enthusiast. She has lived with and cared for cats ever since her early childhood. Her hobbies include watching films, horticulture, going to live music shows, reading, and visiting modern art museums/galleries. She excels at Jeopardy, cooking anything with veggies, winning trivia matches, and naming obscure actors/actresses.  


Eric N.


Eric is a Seattle native who has lived with and been servant to cats his entire life. He can trace his lineage back to the Viking Katmænd (cat men) of ninth century Scandinavia. The Katmænd disliked battle and instead preferred to befriend and train the wild cats who would forage for scraps at the edge of the village. These cats would become known for their superior hunting skills and kept the villages free of rodents. Eric's current cat companion is a friendly tabby by the name of "Dean." Eric's hobbies and interests include: movies, going outside, running, cooking, video editing, making weird videos, listening to weird music.  

Stephanie J.


Stephanie has spent most of her life in the Seattle area and has been owned by cats since day one. She has spent the last 16+ years working in the veterinary field including: 8 years at a feline only practice, 1+ year at a cat shelter & sanctuary and 4+ years in specialty medicine (ophthalmology, radiology, neurology and surgery). After 16 years of dealing with sick animals and sad cases, Stephanie is ecstatic to transition to a lighter hearted side of the pet care industry. Stephanie is happily owned by two handsome male purr monsters who are always trying to convince her that she doesn't need to do anything besides love on them and have kitty photo shoots. When time permits, Stephanie enjoys spending time with fellow animal lovers, photography, nature, hiking, good coffee and amazing food.  

Eric H.


 Eric grew up in a small town in NH about an hour north of Boston, and moved to Seattle in 1994. Eric first fell in love with house cats after seeing tigers at the Clyde-Beatty Cole Bros Circus. Well, actually, he fell in love with house cats after learning that his parents weren't going to get him a tiger. Eric is known as the 'cat guy' in his social circle, and has been called upon by friends and family to be a critter sitter and kitty caretaker for over 3 decades. When not caring for cats, Eric spends his time doing arts and crafts, playing guitar, and enjoying video games. His favorite summer outdoor activity is relaxing on the water in his inflatable rowboat.  

Michelle M.


  Michelle moved to Seattle from California a few years ago.  She loves the cooler weather and all of the Washington outdoor beauty and activities.  She has been a cat mom since she was 5 years old and is currently mom to Salem, an 18-year-old male tuxedo.  Michelle has been a childbirth doula since 2011 and is currently studying to become a childbirth educator.  In her spare time, Michelle loves spending time with her family and friends, traveling, being crafty, reading, dancing, and listening to music. ​ 

Eva C.


  Eva moved to Seattle in the early 90's and has loved it here ever since. Originally from Texas,  she is much more at home with the gray skies, rain, and being close to the water.  She has always had cats in her life and currently lives with Mochi and Cricket.  Mochi tends to be her cuddle buddy whereas Cricket prefers to snuggle with Eva's son.  She works in healthcare part time and loves being a cat caregiver also.  She enjoys reading, exploring our city parks, and getting messy with clay.  ​  

Tanisha C.


  Growing up in the snowiest part of northwestern Pennsylvania, Tanisha never had pets growing up, but always had an affinity to 4-legged fur babies. Once she moved to Arizona as an adult, she adopted her first cat, Smitten, and the connection was immediate. After the first year of being a cat mom, Tanisha adopted a friend for Smitten and named her Sozie. That was 12 years ago and they have been a happy little family ever since. Tanisha has learned over the years how to understand cats as little people, and when her cat whispering skills are on high, she's able to befriend even some of the shyest of cats. When she’s not making friends with cats, Tanisha enjoys crocheting, knitting and all things crafty, doing hair, listening to music and dancing until sunrise.  

HOME/OFFICE CREW:​ ​Lily and Mimi serve as our amazing feline in-home office assistants. Although they can't be relied on to do much paperwork, they are very helpful in keeping keyboards and chairs warm and eating any excess cat treats that happen to be laying around. 



 Mimi was adopted along with her littermate Lily in 2006. She loves food, staring at the Olympic mountains at sunset, food, taking long naps with her adoptive mom...and did we mention food? She REALLY loves food. Mimi was named after the Jane Siberry song, "Mimi on the Beach." 



 Lily, like her sister and her adoptive mom, is a Seattle native. She loves squirrel watching, greeting guests at the front door, and curling up in front of the heater. Lily is the more active of the two cat sisters and loves to run around the house on adventures. Lily was named after the song, "Lily" by Kate Bush.