If you don't see your question(s) answered here please feel free to email us at catladiescatsitting@gmail.com.

​​​​​​​​​Q: How long has Cat Ladies Cat Sitting been in business?

A: We have been in business since March 2014 and have a combined 30+ years of experience loving and caring for feline companions.

Q: How much does it cost to have you take care of my cat(s)?

A: We charge $30 per visit.* This includes at least 30 minutes** of time spent

taking care of your cat's needs including food, water, litter, and giving them lots of attention and love. Any additional time requested for visits is also charged at a rate of $25 per half hour.

(*Please check our 'Services' page for updated 2019 rate charges for Belltown, Downtown, First Hill, and Pioneer Square. For households with over 3 cats there is an additional charge of $5 per cat per visit. **Due to high demand, holiday & holiday weekend visits may be less than 30 minutes so that we can accommodate all of our clients.*)

Q: Do you offer boarding services?

A. No, we visit cats in their home.

Q. How will we exchange keys?

A.  ****UPDATE: During the COVID-19 outbreak we will only be able to conduct remote intakes (no in-person meetings).*****

Clients either give us keys during the initial consult, drop them off with us before their trip, or arrange to leave them with their concierge/leasing office. After your trip is completed we can keep your keys on file or leave them with your concierge/leasing office. 

Q. Will the cat sitter I meet during the initial consult be the only cat sitter caring for my cat(s) for the duration of my vacation?

A. We work as a team of cat sitters and since we all have varying schedules, it is likely that more than one of us will share responsibilities in caring for your cat(s) while you are away.

Q. What can I expect during the initial consult?

A. ****UPDATE: During the COVID-19 outbreak we will only be able to conduct remote intakes (no in-person meetings).*****

Most of our initial consults are conducted remotely via email/phone. When a consult takes place in a client's home we'll meet with you within 2-3 weeks of your trip departure date and gather the care information documents that we emailed to you, have you show us around while we take pictures of where supplies are located, take down any additional notes regarding any other household needs/preferences, test the keys, collect payment (usually in the form of a post-dated check for the start date of services), confirm dates, and give you a receipt for payment and a business card. 

Q. Can you lock my keys inside of my apartment/house when the last visit is completed?

A.We cannot lock keys inside of your apartment/house in case you are unable to return at the designated time.

Q: My cat just needs someone to come in quickly and feed it and change its water - can I get a discounted rate? 

A: No.

Q. Do you offer every-other-day visits? 

A. No. We are professionally liable for the care of your cat from the start date to the end date of our contract  so it is important that we check on the safety and care of your cat daily. We want to ensure your cats are properly cared for every day while you are away.

Q. I have a house guest staying over - can I have you skip certain days between your visits?

A. No. Please see answer to previous question.

Q: Can you administer medication to my cat(s) and how much extra does this cost?

A: We have extensive experience administering pills, insulin injections, inhalers, eye-drops, and topical creams to cats. At this time there is no additional charge for administering medicines other than subcutaneous fluids. Visits requiring subcutaneous fluid injections will cost an additional $15 per visit.

Q: What type of payment does Cat Ladies Cat Sitting accept and when is payment due?

A: We accept check or cash payment. We also accept payment via Square Cash (3 % fee added). Payment is due by the first day of service. We typically collect payment in full during the initial consult in the form of a post-dated check. 

Q: Is Cat Ladies Cat Sitting licensed and bonded?

A: Yes, we have been licensed with the State of Washington since March 2014 and are also insured and bonded through Pet Sitter Associates.

Q:  Do you only take care of cats? My household also has a dog, fish, bunny, chicken, hamster, guinea pig, gecko, snake, bird, etc. 

A: We do not provide any services for dogs. However, if your household has a small non-canine animal that needs attention we may consider providing services for that animal as well. Additional charges may apply. We do not provide services to households without cats.